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A Time of Transition

We are back in London Ontario after an incredible weekend at Calvary Church.  The sense of God's presence was palpable and I think we all had a glimpse of His heart for Calvary's future.  I am grateful for the overwhelming support of the Calvarians. Calvarians? Hmmm, is that a word? I'll have to find out what the people of Calvary call themselves!!!

I now count it a privilege to have 2 remarkable church families for the moment.  One I will slowly be saying farewell to, and another that I will be getting to know better. On my drive home I kept thinking if there were any way possible to pastor two churches at the same time!! But that is really not doable. So for the next few months I'm up for the great challenge of 2 feet in 2 worlds.

At North Park's staff meeting today, I mentioned that this transition felt just like the months when we were waiting for a baby to be born.  You make plans and preparations for the baby. You get the nursery ready and you think about names. All the while though, you still let life go on. There are things that need to be done. So I am committed to doing that. I'm committed to finishing well at North Park over these next few months.  There is lots to be excited about and to plan.  I'm gearing up for our big Easter celebration in a couple weeks. I'm working on a new sermon series with a couple of the other staff for the spring.  At the same time,  I'm also continuing to build connections with the staff, elders and people of Calvary in preparation for the "birth" of a new season of ministry there.

The purpose of this new blog is to let all of you know what is on my heart, what I have been doing and the opportunities for transition that Chantelle and I are facing.  The virtual age has certainly changed the face of pastoral transitions. It is a relatively new thing that people from an existing church get such up to the minute insights into the candidating process at a new church. And it is unusual that people from a new church get to hear and see comments posted on the web from a flock that has been shepherded for years. I'm grateful for the grace-filled and hope filled exchanges.  I'm very blessed.

As I come to mind, I would ask that you pray for several things.

First, to transition well and to challenge the people of North Park to stay the course with eyes fixed on Jesus.

Second, that we would take the time to savor these last few months with the people of North Park.

Third, that we would continue to see and hear God's heart, plans and purposes for Calvary and find the best way to start strong there.  We want to finish strong and start strong.  That's a big prayer for a big God!

Fourth, that the details of selling a home, getting a visa and moving would be just that....mere details and not distractions from the main things.

Fifthly that we would stay close to Jesus and He would always be our first love.