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Back on the tractor again!

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Thoughts on the "cougar" the "stud" and prayer

 Thank you so much for the comments and response to the whole service yesterday. Sharing communion together was powerful.

Yesterday's message on Joseph was an unusual one. It is not often that one hears a message on handling false accusations.  Yet from your comments I was reminded that it is a very appropriate topic.   I was touched too by the many stories of people who felt that their reputations and relationships were broken because of what people had falsely said about them.

The Bible references Satan as a roaring lion.  Yesterday we looked at how the "Cougar", Mrs Potiphar, tempted the "stud" Joseph.  In many ways this is how Satan tempts us. 

There is the full on attack where suddenly a temptation occurs that may catch us off guard. That didn't work in Joseph's life.  From Joseph's life we were reminded to continually practice the presence of God.

Then there is the slow, continual beckoning towards sin.  Every day she would come and tempt him. Satan sometimes does that. There is the continual wearing down of our selves. The enemy wants us to think we are unique, special and no one is like us.  That didn't work in Joseph's life. Joseph avoided temptation as much as he could.

Then there is the false accusation. When Joseph wouldn't give in to temptation, then he was falsely accused. The Bible speaks of Satan as an accuser.  When he can't get us to sin, he falsely accuses us. We are no good, we will never amount to anything. God could never love us.

I encourage you this week to be on guard...not against the cougar...but against the roaring lion.

I also wanted to mention that on May 8, we are having a day of Prayer. Calvary is joining with other churches for a season of prayer for our county.  You can sign up online to pray for a few minutes of that day.  There is a prayer gathering at Calvary on the Saturday morning from 9:10:30.  There are prayer journals you can pick up.  Join us as we pray together.

Not by Might...Not by power...but by my Spirit says the Lord.


Worship with the "Jonas" brothers among other things!

I've had fun this week hearing comments and answering questions regarding last week's services.  My favorite comments were from  those who thought that the young guys on our Mid Rivers worship team looked like the Jonas brothers!   Nothing better than worshiping with the Jonas'!!  While they aren't those brothers, they are certaintly gifted young men and how great to have them help lead us in worship at Mid Rivers.

The big question of the week was where the video was shot that we used to tell the story of Joseph's encounter with his brothers in the desert. It actually looked like a desert leaving people to ask where we would shoot that in Missouri. Some people thought I had done that a while back in Israel. Others thought maybe I had brought that with me from Canada! I love to keep people guessing. In fact, a couple months ago Beau and I went to Nevada to learn more about the multi site church from Central Christian and we took a camera with us.  We took advantage of the desert location and shot that. We shot another video as well that you will see in a couple months!

Last night several of us went to hear Hillsong United at the Fox theatre. What a powerful time of passionate worship.  There were over 4500 people there who completely abondoned themselves in worship. What a picture of the church and of what Heaven will be.

This weekend, we are singing a new song  called "Gorious One".   I've attached a copy here so you might be ready to sing it.  The song speaks about the glory of Christ. That is a whole topic we will look at later this summer as we talk how amazing it is that God shares His glory with us. He has crowned us with glory, although Paul reminds us that people exchange that glory for a lie!  Christ came to restore us to the glory God intended.

I pray that you come ready Sunday to worship our Glorious God with Passion!!!



What faith can do

An exciting and full weekend is coming up.

Chantelle is speaking at the spring brunch.  In addition to Sunday morning, I'm speaking  at the Mid Rivers Saturday night service. And it is the children's musical.

I have been studying the life of Joseph this week in preparation for the weekend. Here is an individual who knew who He was in relationship with God. He didn't walk in his own natural reactions, but he remained faithful to the planning and call that God had on his life even when life was bleak.  That is faith. Faith can bring us through the deepest waters and cause us to climb the highest of mountains. Faith allows us not just to persevere, but to thrive even when it seems hopeless.

When life seemed challenging, Joseph surrendered the challenges to God and let God lead Him. I'm excited about this weekend as we surrender our challenges to Him and let Him lead us.  Sometimes our dreams must die, so that His dream for us might live.

Next weekend we are featuring a song which I think could be a theme song for the Fixable series. It is from Kutless entitled, "What faith can do". Here is a video  followed by the lyrics.  I hope the refrain will stay with you reminding you what faith in Christ can do.

I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

What Faith Can Do

 Everybody falls sometimes Gotta find the strength to rise From the ashes and make a new beginning Anyone can feel the ache You think it’s more than you can take But you are stronger, stronger than you know Don’t you give up now The sun will soon be shining You gotta face the clouds To find the silver lining I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains Hope that doesn’t ever end Even when the sky is falling And I’ve seen miracles just happen Silent prayers get answered Broken hearts become brand new That’s what faith can do It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard Impossible is not a word It’s just a reason for someone not to try Everybody’s scared to death When they decide to take that step Out on the water It’ll be alright Life is so much more Than what your eyes are seeing You will find your way If you keep believing I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains Hope that doesn’t ever end Even when the sky is falling And I’ve seen miracles just happen Silent prayers get answered Broken hearts become brand new That’s what faith can do Overcome the odds

 You don't have a chance (That’s what faith can do) When the world says you can’t It’ll tell you that you can! I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains Hope that doesn’t ever end Even when the sky is falling And I’ve seen miracles just happen Silent prayers get answered Broken hearts become brand new That’s what faith can do That's what faith can do! Even if you fall sometimes You will have the strength to rise


Reflections on a Great Morning

I love starting a new series. There is something about the freshness of looking at where God wants to take us as a congregation. I'm particularly excited about this series on Joseph. Despite all the challenges of living in a broken world, Joseph remained faithful.  Here are a few reflections from this morning:

  • Joseph is such a model to young people about what it is to live faithfully to God and to make wise decisions at an early age.  We make our decisions and then our decisions make us. Make decisions wisely.
  • The only thing I can think of that truly kept Joseph faithful to the Lord for a prolonged period of darkness was that he never gave up believing that God had a dream and a purpose for His life.  Often when God speaks to us it is because life is going to get tough and we need to know that God indeed is in control.
  • What a challenge to me as a parent to nurture and pray for God's dreams for my children. I'm so prone to want to impose my dreams on them. And I know they have their own selfish dreams. Lord help me to see, listen and discern what your plan is for them. May I do all I can to nurture that plan.
  • A couple months ago, the leadership team took a short retreat. One of the things we did was talk about the Five Dysfunctions of a team. It was a powerful discussion that brought us together as a team. I'm praying that every family will have that Five Dysfunctions of a family discussion and see God do some great healing.
  • I'm praying too that God would give us a big dream for His plans and visions at Calvary.

I want to share with you something that has encouraged my heart. For the last number of weeks at Calvary there have been young guys who have approached me after the service to let me know that they have just committed their lives to Christ.  It is so incredible to see these young men who want to know Christ and to grow in His power and strength.  It won't be easy.  The enemy is certainly going to want them back. Would you pray with me for these growing number of "Josephs" in our midst that God would use them in powerful ways and that they would fulfill what God has for them.

I can't tell you how exciting it is that Calvary is a place where people of all ages feel welcomed and feel the presence of God's Spirit.

Keep boldly praying.


Reflections on Easter