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An invitation is a powerful thing. It means a lot to know that someone wants to include us in a special event. We love to feel a part of things. That is not to say that inviting someone isn’t intimidating. We all struggle with the fear that someone will turn us down. No one likes to be rejected. Every survey I see regarding why people come to church has the same result. Approximately 80 percent of people come to church because of an invitation. A friend or family member say this is important to us why don’t you come along. A high proportion of people accept invitations to church. We believe they will have a meaningful and intimate encounter with God there.

Christmas is a great season to invite someone. Over the last number of months we have worked to create services that are easy to invite someone to and which we believe will have meaningful impact. Our services will be filled with great seasonal music that will be inspiring to everyone. During each service there is a special drama/video uniquely designed so that people can see themselves and that will raise their awareness of a need for Christ. We have designed our messages to specifically address issues that any person would deal with from a biblical perspective. After all, Christmas is the celebration of the arrival of God’s son.

We know that Christmas is a season associated with joy but given life’s circumstances many people struggle to find real joy. Many put on a happy face at Christmas because that is expected but it feels hollow. Authentic joy arrived the night of Jesus birth.

When the future looks bleak it can be hard to find hope. And when the things that we had hoped in don’t materialize it can be disheartening. Lasting hope arrived the night Jesus was placed in the manger.

In the busyness of the season people can be left to feel unimportant, alone or betrayed. We long for relationships but find it difficult to find meaningful friendships. True love arrived the night Jesus was born.

As the year comes to an end people reflect on what has happened there can be lot of regrets. Why did I do that? Why didn’t I say something different? Why didn’t I step in? Why can’t things be better? Jesus was born at Christmas so we can live forgiven lives having made peace with our past.

Do you know someone who has been waiting for love, joy or hope to arrive in their lives? I would encourage you to invite them to one of our services at our various campuses.

We have a number of tools to help you invite. There are invitations made to look like boarding passes for you to distribute. You can use our Facebook page or our website. Or email an invite using our evite tool. These are great tools to share Christmas with others and you can find them here:

I’m looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ arrival this Christmas.