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What a weekend!

Have you ever had those times when you reflect over the last few days and ask yourself, "Did that  really just happen?" This last weekend was one of them.

Over 40 people were baptized this weekend at our campuses.  Those are always moving services. To see whole families baptized together or couples baptized together is a powerful reminder that God is always at work.

Over 110 single moms were blessed as so many volunteers helped to change the oil in their vehicles. I love seeing the joy on the faces of the volunteers which reminds us that serving is intoxicating.

A few of us got to connect with Pastor Jorge in Honduras to tell him that the people of Calvary put together an extravagant gift of $35,000 to send to Project Manuelito.  I wished you could have seen his face when he heard the news. They have been struggling with finances lately and this was an answer to prayer. There wasn't a dry eye around.

Next weekend we celebrate 50 years of impact that Calvary has had. I love seeing how God is still changing lives and transforming communities.