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Power of an invite

Someone reminded me this week that I hadn't written a blog in months.  That isn't to say there hasn't been much to reflect upon. There has been. Sometimes the challenge has been with so many things to write about, where does one start.

So here is what I'm thinking right now. 

We have spent a lot of time at Calvary this year talking about the power of an invitation.  We have seen story after story of people's lives who have been changed and challenged because one person invited them to Calvary. Each month we meet with new families to Calvary and I hear these stories all the time. Someone invited them to come  to a birthday party at Calvary. Another person had their children invited to Upwards Soccer. Another person was invited to Celebrate Recovery. Someone else was invited onto a sports team. And just last week I heard a great story about someone who was invited to a weekend service and how that changed their life.

It got me thinking how someone had invited my sisters years ago to attend a Christian summer camp. It changed their life because they met Jesus there. The told me I needed to go. It changed my life because I met Jesus there. Had someone not invited my sisters, I shudder to think how different my life would be.

The story of the first Christmas is all about invitations.  The angels invited Mary and Joseph into a remarkable adventure. A despot's decree invited them to Bethlehem. A star invited Magi from the East to Israel. The Magi invited Herod to go to Bethlehem. A sky filled with angels invited Shepherds to go to a manger. The shepherds invited each other to go to Bethlehem and see what had happened.

Who are you going to invite this Christmas?  This weekend we have 2 nights of great fun and inspiration for the whole family.  Kidblitz has lots of high octane fun for kids with a backdrop of the gospel. Our dramatic production of Flurry simply gets people thinking about what is important this season of Christmas and how a profound message gets lost in the messiness of the season.  We want people to see what God is doing at Calvary and come back each and every week.

We've invited people! Who are you asking?