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Calvary's Latest Addition

There are those "defining moments" in our lives when situations happen that leave an impression that change us. I remember as a teenager my aunt was going through a challenging time in her life. She broke down talking to my mom and said that she so needed to meet with God she went to 3 churches that day and they were all locked. She simply wanted a sacred place to pray and could not find one. Of course we can pray anywhere at any time and God is present, but there are times we want a quiet and safe place to do that. Over the years, I have met many people who have come to the churches I have been at just to pray. After all, Jesus said my house shall be a house of prayer. (Matthew 21:13)


That is why I am so glad to let you know that the latest addition to Calvary is completed. Our new prayer room is available as a sacred place to meet with God. It is open and available for people from any campus and from our community to come and pray whenever the building is open. It is set up that even if someone else is praying, there is a spot for you to meet with God. We have Bibles available and place to record your prayer request or praise.  On Sunday mornings our prayer team will be there to pray for people or to help people find a place where they can pray alone.  It is our prayer that this will be a place for great ministry and for a deep work of the Lord. Please use it. Please tell others to come. Should you want to have a short prayer retreat, it is there for you.

I am so grateful to the many people who helped volunteer to make it possible. Some of our Project 50 money was used for that. We had volunteers come and work on the construction. One of our members came by the church to try to find his wife's bible and saw the construction. He was an electrician who happened to be between jobs and gave us 2 weeks of his labor! That was a real blessing for us.

I have already heard answers to Bold Prayers from this past Sunday night. Sometimes God moves quickly. Other times He appears to move slowly. He is never late. And He is always on time. Praying Boldly for you


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