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Don't Miss the Bible!

I don't usually recommend movies or television shows. I have my favorites, but I recognize that everyone's taste is somewhat different.

So I am stepping out this month and going to recommend that you watch the new miniseries coming on the History Channel that tells the story of the Bible. It runs for 5 Sunday nights ending on Easter Sunday. Beginning in Genesis and concluding with Revelation, this mini series gives a chronology of God's power, love and redemption culminating with His return.  It is produced by Mark Burnett who is one of the most influential producers in television today. And co produced by his wife Roma Downey who you may remember from Touched by an Angel.  They worked to create a quality production that shared the love of God through Christ.

Why should you watch it? Well here are a few reasons.


It will help you get an overview of the Bible and an understanding of where all the stories of the Bible fit. I find that people know some of the Bible stories, but they don't have a good understanding of the chronology. Which occured when? What else was going on when that story occured. This will help provide that.

It will help you get into the Bible. I would encourage you to watch the show with a Bible in hand. If you hadn't heard of something before, look it up. If you haven't understood something, bookmark it to read. If you think the movie got it wrong, then open your Bible and check for yourself.

It will help your family get into the Bible.  You won't have many opportunities to sit as a family and go through the Bible from cover to cover. This will be one of them.  What a great family night to watch the Bible come to life for 2 hours.

It will help your friends get into the Bible.  Talk to your friends about it. Maybe invite some skeptics to come and watch. Talk about it after. There are resources coming out to create discussion guides and studies.  Most people I have talked to who say they don't believe the Bible have never read the Bible. Challenge them to at least watch and discuss with you.

I have only seen a few clips. And those I have seen are powerful.  While I have not seen the whole movie, one of the missionaries I know and have supported highly recommends it. He is Geoff Tunnicliffe who is now the head of the World Evangelical Alliance has seen the whole series and highly recommends it. In fact he helped consult on the project through its duration and speaks very highly of it.

The Bible premieres on Sunday, March 3 on the History Channel.

My family has a date to watch it each Sunday night. I hope that you will be inspired by it.


Here are a couple links.


This is a movie trailer.



This is Geoff Tunnicliffe talking about Moses and the Burning Bush






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