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What happens when a church prays

Words can't really express what it feels like to see hundreds of people missing the Grammy's to come simply to pray. Yes there was powerful worship which in its purest form is prayerful communication with God. Yes there were the biggest cupcakes you will ever see! But people came to pray.

People humbled themselves before a great God.

People wrote their sinful weaknesses believing God could forgive them.

People made representations of the idols of their lives and smashed them down believing Jesus is bigger.

People received prayer from the elders.

People reflected and shared communion.

People thought about what it meant to be part of a family.

And People prayed.


Some prayed for the restoration of their marriage.

Some prayed for their health.

Some prayed for their finances.

Some prayed that they would run to Jesus instead of food.

Some prayed that the addictions in their life would be conquered.

Some prayed that prodigal children would come home.

Some prayed that Jesus would be lifted up.

Some prayed that the church would be the church.

People felt the presence of God.

Revelation 8 tells us that when we pray, all Heaven stops to listen.

God listened to the prayers of His people tonight.

He turned His ear to us.

He pours out His spirit on us.

He heals our land.


I love the Lord because He has heard my cry and listened to my prayer.

I am so humbled to see people eager to meet with Jesus. I am so humbled to work with such an incredible staff who after a full full weekend stayed all afternoon to prepare for prayer and worship. I am humbled to shepherd people who have a heart for prayer.

What happens when a church prays?  I can't wait to see the fulfillment.


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