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Endless summer; Endless praise

For one hour every Thursday morning, those staff at Calvary who are able gather together to pray. Sometimes we worship in prayer. Other times are spent in confession. Today we interceded on behalf of the ministry occuring in the midst of summer.  

We prayed for Brian and the 70 youth are are sharing the love of Jesus in inner city Memphis. This week is life changing not only for those who are ministered to, but for our own youth.  They really discover what it is to live out the love and grace of Jesus becoming His hands and feet.

We prayed for our team in Pennsylvania who are doing work for Gain. They are packing thousands of boxes of meals, food and blankets. They are discovering just how God is working around the world.

We prayed for Curt and the team who left today for Oklahoma City. They are helping that city rebuild after a devastating tornado. Some of them have been "practicing" by helping with clean up in the Harvester/Weldon Spring area.

We prayed for JJ as he and his team put the finishing touches on Junior High camp. With over 200 students and volunteers it promises to be a week of life change and ministry. We are praying that our new Junior Highers would get connected and that our this generation of youth would rise up and take their place.

We prayed for the women who gather every Tuesday night at summer TLC to connect, learn and grow. Despite it being summer, there are a number of women who are starting the journey of discipleship right now.

We prayed for our many men who continue in a Biblical Business Training group all summer long. They are so eager to learn how to apply God's word in practical ways in their workplace and in their home.

We prayed for our youth who are interning all over the world this summer in Prague, Zambia, California and South Africa to name a few and growing as disciples in the process.

We prayed for members of our team who are wrestling with health issues that God might raise them up.

Are you tired yet? Summer has only begun! And the Lord adds to our number and increases our influence.

We prayed for our new series...Love Does. I can't wait to camp for a few weeks on one of the most magnificent passages of all times...I Corinthians 13. And I can't wait for people to see it come alive in a whole new way. More than that, I"m looking forward to a revolution of love in our community. Love is more than a feeling. Love does!