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2 posts from May 2014


Looking back to move forward in Christ..... Joseph's genogram

This weekend we looked at Joseph's family tree and the challenges he faced. We talked about a genogram as a helpful tool for understanding our family back ground.


Here is a link to Joseph's genogram.

 Joseph's Genogram




How to take a Selfie...Week 1

This week we looked at how many of us have been discipled spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically. But we think of managing our emotions instead of discpling our emotions in Christ.  It is often our emotional unhealth that sabatoges the work of Christ in our life.

Peter Scazzero in his book  Emotionally Healthy Spirituality describes the symptoms of emotional unhealth.  Here is his list.

Some signs of spiritual unhealthy are:

  •  Using God to run from God.  We try to justify our opinions by looking for God instead of wrestling and trusting Him.
  • Ignoring the big emotions of anger, sadness and fear thinking I can push them down and not deal with them.
  • Denying that the past can impact the present. How we react to situations today can come from the way we were trained in the past,.
  • Dividing our life between secular activities where we live one way and spiritual activities where we live another.
  • Focusing on doing for God instead of being with God.
  • Spiritualizing many life situations and thinking the devil is always attacking us instead of seeing what God is really doing.
  • We live without any limits. There is no time to prayer and reflection in our life. Frantic lives define us.
  • We find ourselves extremely critical and judgmental of others.

Jesus died on the cross to change the power these have in our life. I'm so hopefilled of what God will do in this series.