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Walking with the Holy Spirit

Pauls writes in Galatians 5:25 that we are to walk with the Holy Spirit keeping in step with Him.  Just as children learn to walk, it takes time to learn to walk with Him.  Here are a few things to remember.

Jesus said it is greater to have the Spirit in you than even if He were walking beside you. How do you walk in partnership with the spirit.

• Intentionally walk with the Holy Spirit every day keeping in step with Him. It won’t happen unless we intentionally think about that. Remember that He is in you and with you. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your comfort, advocate and help. Ask Him to take over and every day listen for Him.

• Intentionally focus on hearing the Spirit. Get your eyes off your trouble and temptation. Pay attention to those inner promptings. We have to learn how to do this. Too often we quench the Spirit by walking in fear and focused on our troubles. Most of the time we pray we focus on past failures. W replay our defeats instead of listening to Him. He has greater things in store.

• Slow down and rest. Reduce the frantic pace of your life. He won’t speak to anyone who is not listening or in a hurry. Wait patiently for Him. Believe the Spirit is greater in your than boredom and condemnation and fear. Be willing to set your mind on Him. He is your comfort and your defense. Lean on Him. Listen to Him. Learn from Him.