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Helpful Apologetic Resources

I have found one of the things many Christians keep secret is the fact that at times they have some doubt about God and issues of faith. This creates a lot of guilt because they think they should never have a question for God. The reality is that doubts can creep in from time to time and when we use those to look more towards God, they can lead to deeper faith. This was true of John the Baptist. He was imprisoned for his preaching about Jesus and he even sent word to Jesus asking for some proof that Jesus was who He said He was. He wrestled with doubt, but died with greater faith. At Calvary, we have been looking at some of the doubts people have regarding faith. We have also been looking at whether it is reasonable to believe the foundations of the Christian Faith. I trust that you have been encouraged in your own faith and that you have some tools to enter into a dialogue with others. Many have asked me where some good resources are to explore some of these topics further. Here is a list of some of the resources our Teaching Team has used and some others. My first experience with apologetic writings were those of Josh McDowell. His books Evidence that Demands a Verdict and the follow up More Evidence that Demands a Verdict were very helpful. They have formed the foundation for a lot of the writings today. His son Sean McDowell has followed in those apologetic footsteps and has written some helpful books particularly for teens including his book Apologetics for a New Generation. William Lane Craig is one of the best Christian Apologists today. He has written a number of books and articles. You can find out more at his website www.reasonablefaith.org Lee Strobel has written some very readable books that are helpful for our own faith and to give to others who have questions. These books include The Case for Faith, The Case for Christ, The Case for the Resurrection and The Case for a Creator. One of my favorite pastors to listen to is Tim Keller. His books are very thoughtful and Christ focused in particular The Reason for God and his other book Walking with God through Pain and Suffering. If you are looking for another resource on suffering, CS Lewis wrote a couple books at different reflective points in his life including the Problem of Pain. If you are looking for websites you can trust, the One Minute Apologist has short 2 to 3 minutes videos that give concise and understandable answers to some challenging questions from the best apologists today. www.oneminuteapologist.com More and more, we will have opportunities to engage people in spiritual conversations. It is my prayer that we won’t shy away from those conversations, but able to engage people well.


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