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Fructiferous tales from the Atrium

I love the conversations I have in the Atrium between services. This past weekend as I talked with a gentlemen new to Calvary, i asked what brought him to the church.  I loved his answer. He told me about a guy who came into his retail shop.  In coversation, he found this person so fruitful and overflowing with love for Jesus in his life that he just had to know more about him. In particular, he wanted to know what church he went to. If he was an indicator of the fruit of the church, he wanted to check it out. The gentleman told him he went to Calvary and where it was. For a first time visitor, this guy was so excited. he couldn't wait to see what God had in sotre for him.

The best part!  After the service, the man made sure to tell me he was coming back.

Are you more in love with Jesus today than last year? Than a few years ago? Watch out for the other attachments in your life that keep you from Jesus. And abide deeply in Him.

Thanks for living fructiferously and drawing people to Jesus!


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