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Knowing and obeying the commands of Jesus

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  (Matthew 28:18-20)


We are called to live fructiferous lives. The first command given to humans is to be fruitful and multiply. Jesus' last command to His people was to multiply disciples through going, baptizing and teaching people. The teaching part is specific. We are to teach people to obey the commands that Jesus taught.  As I mentioned this weekend, that got me looking at what the commands of Jesus were. And to be honest, I was humbled not only at the ones I did not know, but at the ones I was not obeying.

 What are those commands? Years ago, I attended some seminars through the Institute in Basic Life Principles. One of the handouts looked at the commands of Jesus. Here are 49 of them as listed through IBLP.  It is one thing to know them. It is another to share them. The mission is to obey them and to teach others to obey. This is a life long pursuit! 


Here are 49 of Jesus' commands with a character application:

          Repent—Matthew 4:17—Humility

  • Follow Me—Matthew 4:19—Meekness
  • Rejoice—Matthew 5:12—Joyfulness
  • Let Your Light Shine—Matthew 5:16—Generosity
  • Honor God’s Law—Matthew 5:17–18—Love
  • Be Reconciled—Matthew 5:24–25—Responsibility
  • Do Not Commit Adultery—Matthew 5:29–30—Self-Control
  • Keep Your Word—Matthew 5:37—Truthfulness
  • Go the Second Mile—Matthew 5:38–42—Deference
  • Love Your Enemies—Matthew 5:44—Creativity
  • Be Perfect—Matthew 5:48—Sincerity
  • Practice Secret Disciplines—Matthew 6:1–18—Faith
  • Lay Up Treasures—Matthew 6:19–21—Thriftiness
  • Seek God’s Kingdom—Matthew 6:33—Initiative
  • Judge Not—Matthew 7:1—Discernment
  • Do Not Cast Pearls—Matthew 7:6—Discretion
  • Ask, Seek, and Knock—Matthew 7:7–8—Resourcefulness
  • Do Unto Others—Matthew 7:12—Sensitivity
  • Choose the Narrow Way—Matthew 7:13–14—Decisiveness
  • Beware of False Prophets—Matthew 7:15—Alertness
  • Pray For Laborers—Matthew 9:38—Compassion
  • Be Wise as Serpents—Matthew 10:16—Wisdom
  • Fear God, Not Man—Matthew 10:26—Boldness
  • Hear God’s Voice—Matthew 11:15—Attentiveness
  • Take My Yoke—Matthew 11:29—Obedience
  • Honor Your Parents—Matthew 15:4—Honor/Reverence
  • Beware of Leaven—Matthew 16:6—Virtue
  • Deny Yourself—Luke 9:23—Determination
  • Despise Not Little Ones—Matthew 18:10—Tolerance
  • Go to Offenders—Matthew 18:15—Justice
  • Beware of Covetousness—Luke 12:15—Contentment
  • Forgive Offenders—Matthew 18:21–22—Forgiveness
  • Honor Marriage—Matthew 19:6—Loyalty
  • Be a Servant—Matthew 20:26–28—Availability
  • Be a House of Prayer—Matthew 21:13—Persuasiveness
  • Ask in Faith—Matthew 21:21–22—Patience
  • Bring in the Poor—Luke 14:12–14—Hospitality
  • Render to Caesar—Matthew 22:19–21—Gratefulness
  • Love the Lord—Matthew 22:37–38—Enthusiasm
  • Love Your Neighbor—Matthew 22:39—Gentleness
  • Await My Return—Matthew 24:42–44—Punctuality
  • Take, Eat, and Drink—Matthew 26:26–27—Thoroughness
  • Be Born Again—John 3:7—Security
  • Keep My Commandments—John 14:15—Diligence
  • Watch and Pray—Matthew 26:41—Endurance
  • Feed My Sheep—John 21:15–16—Dependability
  • Baptize My Disciples—Matthew 28:19—Cautiousness
  • Receive God’s Power—Luke 24:49—Orderliness

·  Make Disciples—Matthew 28


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