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Works on Work!

I have loved the feedback many of you have given regarding our current series on work:  Butcher, Baker and Candlestick Maker.

Some of you have asked about some next steps or support materials to help you live for Christ in your workplace.

Many of our Calvary people are in a Biblical Business Training (BBT) group across the city and at the church. BBTs are a place where people can grow in their faith at home and in the workplace. If you want to find out more about being part of a BBT, check out their web page and group finder.


We have referenced several books during the series. These are great resources to have in your hands.


Every Good Endeavour  by Tim Keller  is a comprehensive book by Tim Keller that helps us understand what the bible has to say about work.



Work Matters by Tom Nelson helps people connect their workday to Sunday!



Your Work Matters to God by Doug Sherman is a classic treatment on how faith intersects with work. It was one of the very first books to explore this topic and remains incredibly helpful.






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