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Seeing Jesus in every part of the Whole Story of the Bible.


This weekend, we began our journey through the Whole Story with a look at the promise of redemption that flows through all of Scripture.  Jesus is the fulfillment of that promise and we see Him in every book of the Bible. Here is a text of a song that speaks about the presence of Jesus in all of scripture.  As you read the Bible, look for Jesus.


Jesus Christ is in Every Book of the Bible

In Genesis, Jesus is the seed of the woman.

Exodus, he is our Passover lamb.

Leviticus, our high priest.

Numbers, the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.

In Deuteronomy, the prophet greater than Moses.


In Joshua, Jesus is the captain of our salvation.

Judges, he is our judge and lawgiver.

Ruth, he is our redeemer.

I & II Samuel, he is our trusted prophet.

Kings and Chronicles, he is our reigning King.

Ezra, he is the rebuilder of our broken down walls of our lives.


In Nehemiah, Jesus is our restorer.

Esther, he’s our Advocate.


In Job, Jesus is our ever-living redeemer.

Psalms, he’s our shepherd.

Proverbs & Ecclesiastes, he’s our Wisdom.

Song of Solomon, he’s the lover of our souls.


In Isaiah, Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Jeremiah, the righteous branch.

Lamentations, the weeping prophet.

Ezekiel, the glory of God.

Daniel, the everlasting God.


In Hosea, Jesus is the forgiving husband.

Joel, the giver of the Holy Spirit.

Amos, the builder of the city of God.

Obadiah, our savior.

Jonah, the firstborn of the dead.

Micah, the ruler of all ages

Nahum, the avenger.

Habakkuk, the God or our salvation

Zephaniah, our savior.

Haggai the restorer of the kingdom.

Zechariah, the Priest on the throne.

Malachi, the son of righteousness, with healing in his wings.


In Matthew Jesus is the king of the Jews.

Mark, the servant.

Luke, the son of man.

John, the son of God.

Acts, the giver of the Holy Spirit.


In Romans Jesus is the righteousness of God.

I Corinthians, the giver of gifts

II Corinthians, the triumphant one, giving victory.

Galatians, the liberator of our souls..

Ephesians, the head of the church.


In Philippians, Jesus is our joy.

Colossians, the head of all things.

I & II Thessalonians, our hope.

I Timothy, our faith.

II Timothy, our stability.


In Titus, Jesus is truth.

Philemon, our covenant friend.

Hebrews, the messenger of the new covenant.

James, the Great Physician.

I Peter, the cornerstone.

II Peter, our purity.


In I, 2, and 3 John, Jesus is love, light and truth.

Jude, the one who is able to keep us.

Revelation, the King of kings and Lord of lords.



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